The Summeji

  • What is the Summeji?

A little desktop buddy! He crawls around your screen while you go about your computer business.

  • What is the link to the Summeji?

  • Are there other ancestor shimejis?

Here’s a list!

  • How do I turn him off?

Right click and press “Bye bye!” to make that Summoner disappear or “Bye everyone!” to make all Summoners disapear.

  • How do I download him?
You only have to click a couple of files! It’s explained with screenshots in this post.
  • Can mac users download the summeji?

Yes! There’s an easy guide over here.

  • I can’t find the file for the summeji!/summeji-ee appears as a winrar file for me!

Take a look at this.

  • I downloaded it and it’s running, but I can’t see my Summoner!

A lot of people have had this problem! But the solution is conveniently explained over here.

  • I tried running shimeji and it told me “a java exception has occurred!”

Reinstalling java usually works!